The Power of Words

April 14, 2013 | Writer's Hub | 2 Comments

I dedicate my first post on my newly updated website to my friend, Morrie Warshawski, who told me I needed to write a mission statement. Like most writers, lots of words and healthy doses of passion had come easily, but this one stumped me. It has taken time to understand the reasons why I write. I’ve always said, “I write because I have to,” but there is much more to it. So, to Morrie and to you, here it is:

My mission is to thrill and entertain my readers with captivating stories about our world and the hard choices we face.

It started when my college English professor told me, “language is power.” Since that day, I’ve spent my life working to pay the bills while, on the side, I wrote essays, letters, speeches, nonfiction books, poems, and articles for magazines and newspapers. Over time, all those words proved that my teacher was right.

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